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September 5, 2020
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Sister Simone Campbell of "Nuns On The Bus" speaking in lower Manhattan - the Whitehall / South Ferry terminal. This was part of a "Nuns On The Ferry" event. Shortly after this speech Campbell and a contingent of nuns took the ferry to Staten Island where they spoke a second time, on the steps of Borough Hall. Bruce C. Cooper

By Austin Ruse, LifeNews, Sept. 4, 2020

Lifenews Note: Austin Ruse is president of a non-profit that works on life issues at the UN. He is the author of The Catholic Case for Trump, just published by Regnery Publishing. You can follow him on Twitter @austinruse. This originally appeared at Townhall.

Washington, DC – The Democrats Zoomed an entirely predictable political kabuki last night. Catholics for Biden, they called it, where the game was not to mention the unborn child. Only one of them did, the Nun from the Bus, Sister Simone Campbell, whose grinning and mugging for the camera was supposed to come off cute but achieved mostly a kind of weirdness.

Campbell said we should care for the unborn by giving their moms proper nutrition and that care for the unborn was equally sacred to care for the Earth. Recall this is the same woman who told the Democratic National Convention last week that abortion was “above her paygrade.” She told the small live-stream audience last night that reversing Roe v. Wade, which has led to millions of unborn deaths, has “never been our faith.”  ….


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