Why Catholics Can’t Be Pro-Choice, by Trent Horn (2014)

White Martyrs, Take Heart, by Lynn and Matt Bifulco (2012)
September 12, 2020
Will Children Die So That We May Live? by Casey Chalk
September 14, 2020

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

By Trent Horn, Catholic Answers, 

During the Montgomery Bus Boycott of the mid 1950s, a reporter asked civil rights activist Thurgood Marshall, “Do you think all Negroes should boycott the buses?” Marshall replied, “Oh, by no means. I think all freedom-loving Americans should boycott the buses.”

Marshall was able to highlight the fact that opposition to racial segregation was not merely a “black issue,” it was an issue that all just and reasonable people should support, regardless of their race. In a similar vein, when someone asks me if I think all Catholics should oppose legal abortion, I reply, “Oh, by no means. I think all reasonable people should oppose legal abortion.”  …

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