Argentinians Living as Enemies Since Vote for Life

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August 13, 2018
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August 13, 2018

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow, August 13, 2018

A South American country remains pro-life in spite of all the money outside sources spent to see abortion legalized there.

The move to legalize the termination of preborn babies won the day in the nation’s Chamber of Deputies but was defeated in the Senate 38-31. Graciela LA’pez Clair, a pro-life warrior in Argentina who has worked with Human Life International, tells OneNewsNow the issue has divided the nation into two big parties: The green and blue parties.

“The greens are the pro-choice; the blues [are] the ones that are in favor of life,” she reports. “Even though the results were good, we live as if we were enemies.”

The blues won the victory in the Senate even though outside sources handed millions of dollars to pro-abortion activists trying to influence the vote.

“Everybody knows that Planned Parenthood has to do with it,” the pro-lifer submits. “We also read in the papers that $5 million were offered to different organizations in our country to support these activists.”

She advises Planned Parenthood International to mind its own business and let Argentina makes its own decisions. The abortion corporation has been working for 30 years in each province through workshops that only present information favoring abortion and ignoring the value of life for the preborn. So even with the recent victory, Clair does not believe the battle is over, as she expects the pro-aborts will continue trying to break down the wall of opposition and revisit the issue in the National Congress at some point in the future.


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