Biden and Corporate Wokesters Assault Election Integrity Laws, by Ken Blackwell

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April 6, 2021
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April 6, 2021 S

The Ken Blackwell, The Stream, April 6, 2021

Ken Blackwell is on the policy board of the American Constitutional Rights Union and is the former Ohio secretary of state. He is a Senior

Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance at the Family Research Council.

Ken BlackwellCorporate titans tripping over themselves to be “woke” by condemning election integrity laws like Georgia’s S.B. 202 are failing in their duty to focus on running their companies profitably, ironically instead pushing an agenda that other nations show destroys private business under one-party socialist rule.

As a shareholder in the ownership of a major sports franchise and a former partner in a broadcast company, I could do whatever I want with profits once they were in my personal pocket. But I could not treat shareholders’ money that way when serving on a board or as a corporate officer.

Because I’ve also served on a number of boards of directors, both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits are dedicated to some sort of mission, whether it’s educating the public, charitable work, or advancing a particular political or policy issue. By contrast, for-profit companies’ top objective is to turn a profit for the shareholders.  …

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