CALL TO PRAYER! Rev. Graham Clarifies: Prayer for Trump ‘Not an Endorsement’, by Chris Woodward

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By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow, May 30, 2019

Franklin Graham says his call for a special day of prayer on Sunday for President Trump isn’t a call for endorsement, but instead for God’s will and purpose to be made known through the president.

Speaking earlier today on American Family Radio, the evangelist said no president has ever been attacked the way that Donald Trump has been attacked.

“This Sunday, let’s make this a focus just for him, that God would protect him,” said Graham. “If he makes a good decision, that affects all of us in a positive way; [and] if he makes a bad decision, that hurts all of us. So we need to pray that God would give him wisdom, cover him, and protect him from these enemies who want to destroy him, want to destroy his presidency, and I believe ultimately want to destroy our country.”


Graham went on to say that right now is a very dark period of world history, one in which “it’s almost as if every demon in hell has been let loose.” And that, he said, is why it’s important that people pray.

“This isn’t just Oh, if you’ve got time, how about muttering a prayer?,” said Graham about Sunday’s focus. “This prayer is not an endorsement of Donald Trump. I’m not asking you to do that. I’m just asking you to pray for him [and] that God would do His will and His purpose.”

More than 250 Christian leaders have joined Franklin Graham’s call for prayer – among them, American Family Associationpresident Tim Wildmon. AFA has an online petition for individuals to sign and share with their churches and pastors about Sunday’s prayer focus.

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