Catholic Saints (Decision That Lead To Heaven): Speaker Ken Yasinski (Video)

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August 29, 2019
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By Ken Yasinski, Catholic speaker, Catholic Minute

Catholic Saints often seem unrelate-able? We are all called to heaven, but the saints lives sometimes seems very different than our own. Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski reflects on the Roman Catholic Churches teaching of the Universal called to holiness. Can we become a saint? Is holiness possible for all?

The second Vatican council taught something called, “The Universal Call To Holiness?” This means God’s call everyone to a life of holiness. The problem is that it sounds good in theory. It looks good in scripture, it looks good in the catechism of the Catholic Church, but when it comes to our lived experience, it seems so far out of reach.

Our image of holiness is often formed by the stories of the great saints of the Church, many of whom were priest or religious, many of which were great mystics, many of which who suffered for the sake of Christ, many of whom were martyrs for the faith. After looking at their exemplar lives of holiness, our conclusion is, “I could never be holy! My day to day life, resembles nothing of someone who lived many years ago and with such heroic virtue. Nor, am I not a priest or religious sister.”

God does not want us to copy cat the lives of the saints, but emulate their lives. A great starting point is to ask, what decisions did all the saints make that lead them to become holy, that lead them to heaven? When we ask this questions, we will see the holiness leaves clues. ….

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