CatholicVote: WaPo Op-Ed: Biden is ‘Desperate’ in Pushing Pro-Abortion Agenda

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By CatholicVote, May 6, 2024

CV NEWS FEED // An op-ed published in The Washington Post Sunday charges that President Joe Biden’s pro-abortion messaging is a sign of “desperation.”

“It must be challenging for a Catholic president to make abortion the centerpiece of his reelection campaign,” wrote columnist Kathleen Parker in the op-ed. “I wonder whether Joe Biden has nightmares as he recruits abortion-denied women to serve as surrogates to make his case.”

Parker was likely referring to the president’s recent campaigning with women who traveled to other states to abort their babies, circumventing pro-life laws.

The columnist pointed out that Biden was “a proud pro-life Democrat” during his early political career in the 1970s and 80s. Biden has since “become a modern-day gladiator for abortion, even if he can’t bring himself to say the word,” Parker wrote. …

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