Deacon Mike Manno: The Abortion Wars: Who’s Violent And Who’s Not?

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August 1, 2023
Changing of the Guard at Leftist, ‘Earth-Bound’ Catholic NGO Fueling the Illegal Alien Invasion, by Joe Schaeffer
August 1, 2023

By Deacon Mike Manno, The Wanderer, July 31, 2023

Last month an online publication, Rewire News Group, published an article, “Anti-Abortion and Fascist Violence Are One and the Same,” by Garnet Henderson. Speaking of abortion clinics, the first sentence of the article sets the tone: “How can clinics stay safe as the anti-abortion movement — with its deep ties to white supremacy and Christian nationalism — becomes more aggressive?”

Ms. Henderson goes on in her article conflating abortion protests, those protesters that enter abortion clinics, such as Red Rose Rescue, the January 6 riots, and true acts of violence against abortion clinics, such as the well-known abortion clinic bombings in the 1980s and suggests that they are all related to white supremacy and gun violence: …

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