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March 27, 2019
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By Chad Groening, OneNewsNow, March 27, 2019

A Christian constitutional attorney says the tables have been “completely turned” by the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, and he hopes to see a comprehensive investigation into the witch hunt.

Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have been reeling since Attorney General William Barr announced that the special counsel did not find evidence that President Donald Trump’s campaign “conspired or coordinated” with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election and that it reached no conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice. (See related story.)

Abraham Hamilton III, general counsel and public policy analyst for the American Family Association, predicted this outcome. 


“I knew that at the moment Cohen’s offices were raided,” he says. “That was an indication to me that the only purpose that Democrats could glean from Mueller’s investigation would be political. And now that William Barr has issued his conclusions of the Mueller report, we know that there’s no collusion, and we know that there’s no evidence to support any assertion of an obstruction of justice claim. So the Trump campaign received great news Friday and Sunday.” 

Now Republicans like Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) want some answers, and the South Carolina senator says he is not done questioning former FBI Director James Comey.

“The tables have been completely turned, and I believe that we will now see a comprehensive investigation,” comments Matt Barber, co-founder and chief counsel of Christian Civil Rights Watch. “I am calling for, and I know a number of people are now calling for, a second legitimate special counsel investigation and appointment to look into the players behind the scenes that planned, orchestrated, and facilitated this witch hunt.” 

Barber, Matt (Christian Civil Rights Watch)And Barber says House Democrats might overplay their hand if they continue to push the Trump-Russian collusion narrative.

“They do this to their own detriment,” he asserts. “They are throwing away leadership and control of the House in 2020. I think we will see a Trump re-election victory in 2020 by a landslide. I think you will also see the American people reject this kind of partisan political witch hunt. And it appears they’re going to continue the witch hunt, so they are overplaying their hand once again. That’s what the Democrats do.”

Hamilton agrees.

“All of it has come up with nothing against the president. I think that will result in fair-minded people saying, ‘Wait a minute. The media, the Democrat Party, the Department of Justice — all of these entities have been against President Trump, and still nothing has been found on him.’ And I think that could result in even adding more people to the Trump train,” the AFA attorney concludes.



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