Do Illegals Deserve a Piece of the Stimulus Pie? by Chad Groening

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April 15, 2020
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April 16, 2020

By Chad Groening, OneNewsNow, April 16, 2020

An immigration enforcement advocacy organization is outraged that lawmakers are proposing legislation to provide federal coronavirus benefits to illegal aliens.


Congress consciously excluded illegal aliens from receiving benefits under the $2.2 trillion stimulus package enacted last month, but congressional Democrats are now pushing legislation to grant them coronavirus relief.

Far-left Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar recently introduced the Recovery Rebates Improvement Act, a bill that enables illegal aliens and citizens living with illegal aliens to receive stimulus money. In a public post, Omar referred to illegal immigrants as “American taxpayers.”

Likewise, California Democrat Lou Correa has introduced the No Taxpayer Left Behind Act, which expands the eligibility of the $2.2 trillion package to illegal aliens. It would mean that people who file tax returns using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, almost exclusively illegal aliens, would be eligible for a $1,200 check.  …


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