Dr. Robert Malone: ‘Time of Choosing’ for CDC Scientists After Bombshell NYT Report, by Art Moore

This Critical Moment, by Aaron Debusschere
February 23, 2022
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February 24, 2022

‘Do you want to be a witness? Or do you want to be on the defense?’


Art MooreSteve Bannon talks to Dr. Robert Malone on “War Room” Feb. 23, 2022, about the admission by CDC officials to the New York Times that they withheld crucial COVID data.

It’s a “time of choosing” for CDC scientists and physicians in the wake of the blockbuster New York Times story citing unnamed agency officials who acknowledge crucial COVID data has been withheld for fear that it would be misinterpreted by critics, said Dr. Robert Malone in an interview Wednesday with Steve Bannon’s “War Room.” …

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