First They Came for the Deplorables, by Auguste Meyrat

Trump Admin Slams UN for Promoting Abortion. We Stand for the “Human Rights of the Unborn”, by Stefano Gennarini
November 2, 2020
Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation: You Will Be Repaid at the Resurrection of the Just
November 2, 2020

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

By Auguste Meyrat, Crisis Magazine, November 2, 2020

As Election Day approaches, Americans of all political stripes are preparing for the worst. Police in major cities already anticipate even more riots and protests erupting and storeowners are boarding up their stores.

As some commentators have pointed out, the country has not been so polarized since the election in 1860 that immediately precipitated the American Civil War. Few people expect a clean election with a clear winner; most anticipate a hotly contested election, rife with fraud, outbreaks of violence, and partisan power-plays. President Trump has already called out the foul play at work with universal mail-in ballots, and Speaker Pelosi promises to fumigate the White House in the event that the president refuses to accept the results.

On the matter of of free and fair elections, at least as the Inter-Parliamentary Council defines it, Adam Mill  of American Greatness explains how the 2020 presidential election has failed spectacularly. Based on their criteria, a free and fair election requires …