Five Cardinals and Two Prominent Bishops Speak About the End Times

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February 5, 2020
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February 5, 2020

‘The Church is shrouded in the darkness of modernism, but the victory belongs to Our Lord and His Bride. We desire to keep vigil with her and with Jesus, in this new Gethsemane of the end times.’

By John-Henry Westen, LifeSiteNews, Feb 4, 2020

​​​​​February 4, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The situation in the Church today is so severe that five Cardinals and two of the most prominent bishops in the world have spoken about these as the end times.

It is likely one of the most underreported stories of 2019 (and I bet even most of you missed it since it was so close to Christmas) but Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former papal representative to the USA who blew the whistle on Pope Francis’ knowledge of the abuses of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, gave an enormously important summary of the Francis papacy that must be heard.

I was blessed to spend some time speaking with Archbishop Viganò while I was in Munich, Germany last month for the Acies Ordinata. He remains in good health and in good spirits. He knows full well that the battle is the Lord’s and he said how much he appreciates all the prayers said for him by countless Catholics who pray for him every day.

Just before Christmas, Archbishop Viganò released another testimony. Never before have I seen from Archbishop Viganò this type of forthrightness. In his statement, he said the following:

The tragic story of this failed pontificate advances with a pressing succession of twists and turns. Not a day passes: from the most exalted throne, the Supreme Pontiff proceeds to dismantle the See of Peter, using and abusing its supreme authority, not to confess but to deny; not to confirm but to mislead; not to unite but to divide; not to build but to demolish.  ….

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