Fr James Martin’s Subtle Method for Undermining Sound Doctrine, by Joe Grabowski

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June 4, 2021
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June 4, 2021

By Joe Grabowski, Catholic Herald, June 2, 2021

Joe Grabowski is the executive director of the International Organization for the Family and an independent scholar in family, marriage, and life issues. His previous article was Biden’s HHS Secretary Enjoys Bullying Nuns (For Having the Wrong Religion).


I think I’ve finally wrapped my mind around Fr James Martin SJ’s method for undermining sound doctrine and leading souls astray without ever actually committing heresy.

Others have described him as “going right up to the line, and never crossing it.” This is a fair metaphor, but not completely accurate. Martin frames his arguments in a way that seems compelling, not only emotionally but logically. The key, however, is that there’s always one element left unsaid; one point deliberately evaded in order for the logic to inhere. If the unsaid thing were introduced, the argument would fall apart. …

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