Fr. Jerry Pokorsky: Archbishop Cordileone & Speaker Pelosi in Perspective

Cordileone Teaches Pelosi and the World: If Abortion Is Not Wrong, Then Nothing Is Wrong, by Regis Martin
May 23, 2022
Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò: Declaration on Yielding Sovereignty to the WHO in Health Emergencies
May 24, 2022


By Fr. Jerry Pokorsky, Catholic Culture, May 23, 2022

Fr. Jerry Pokorsky is a priest of the Diocese of Arlington who has also served as a financial administrator in the Diocese of Lincoln. Trained in business and accounting, he also holds a Master of Divinity and a Master’s in moral theology. …


The last several decades have been frustrating for traditional-minded pro-life Catholics. Whenever legislators and legislation threatened the moral law, the American bishops were inclined to sponsor various prayer initiatives. Prayer became like a government program as bishops disguised their dereliction of duty in disciplining pro-abortion Catholic politicians by calling for more public devotion and more dialogue. The bishops were sending the sheep to protect the shepherds. Starved for faithful leadership, some greeted the USCCB initiatives with sarcasm: “Bartender, another round of dialogue!”

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco may have changed all of that.  …

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