Fr. Nnamdi Moneme: Why We Do Not Pray as We Should

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July 27, 2022
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July 27, 2022

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By Fr. Nnamdi Moneme, OMV, Catholic Exchange, July 27, 2022

Fr. Nnamdi Moneme OMV is a Roman Catholic Priest of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary currently on missionary assignment in the Philippines. He serves in the Congregations’ Retreat Ministry and in the House of Formation for novices and theologians in Antipolo, Philippines. …

Gen 18:20-32; Col 2:12-14; Lk 11:1-13

I met a businessman some years ago who told me that he spends close to four hours daily doing physical exercises. I asked him why he spent so much time exercising daily. Was he preparing for the Olympics or what? He replied, “I want to be always fit and healthy.”

His reply reminded me of how generous and sacrificing we are in making time for the things that we value the most. We make time to eat, sleep, drink, exercise, sleep, work, etc., simply because we are convinced of their true value.

Why is it that when it comes to prayer, we claim that we do not pray because we do not have the time to pray? We say we cannot spend time cultivating our relationship with God through prayer because we are too busy. However, the truth is that we do not pray as we should because we do not know the value of prayer. If we were convinced of the true value of prayer, we will sacrifice anything for our prayer time. …

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