Funding from Dark Money Heavyweight, Soros-Supported Foundation, Ed Associations Helps Defeat Ohio Ballot Initiative, by Craig Bannister

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August 10, 2023
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August 10, 2023

By Craig Bannister, MRCTV, Aug. 9, 2023

An Ohio ballot initiative to make it harder to change the state’s constitution, prior to November’s referendum on whether to codify abortion as a right, has failed – thanks to major opposition funding by radical left-wing groups.

Defeated by a large margin on Tuesday, State Issue 1 would have raised the threshold for passing future ballot measures from 50% to 60%. Because it failed to pass, pro-abortion forces need just a simple majority of Ohioans to vote their way in order to codify a right to abortion in November.

Proponents of the measure, represented by the Protect Our Constitution coalition, wanted to raise the bar in order to keep deep-pocketed special interest groups from pushing leftist agenda initiatives on issues, such as abortion and gun control, on Ohioans. …

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