Gay Men Purchasing Babies is Not Honorable, by Jennifer Hartline

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July 22, 2019
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July 23, 2019

Two men spending time with their little baby boy. They're all together at home standing in an embrace

By Jennifer Hartline, a Senior Contributor, The Stream, July 22, 2019

Jennifer HartlineLast week on Twitter a gay man announced that he and his sexual partner are planning to contract the services of a “carrier” and purchase a baby. In a long thread, he laid out his answers to the objections he expected people to raise, then concluded by saying the reason they were doing this was simple: love.

That is utter horse hockey. Love has nothing to do with it.

What these two men are doing has become fashionable and celebratory in our society, but it is not honorable, respectable, or progressive. It is what men with money, social sway, and the right kind of politics can get at the expense of women and children. Children’s needs be damned. These men will have what they want.

No One is Entitled to a Child

They want a child, and so that settles it. They are entitled to have what they want. Especially since their desire is so generous, so altruistic. Their child will be “the most loved in the world.” Who could argue with that, they wonder? Who would dare?