Gingrich: Trump Electoral Vote Landslide Will Shock Left, by Michael F. Haverluck

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By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow, November 1, 2020

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich examined a map showing President Donald Trump receiving 326 electoral votes and said the left will be utterly surprised to see their Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden buried in a landslide on November 3.


“He has a better likelihood than he did at this stage in 2016, when he was clearly behind and closing rapidly,” Gingrich told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in an interview Wednesday night, according to RealClearPolitics. “The people I trust the most [are] the pollsters that have been the most accurate over the last five or six years who seem to understand the dynamics of the age of Trump.”

Analyzing the trend

With most polls showing Biden with double-digit leads – similar to those held by the last Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, four years ago – Gingrich is convinced that the left is in for another election day shocker.

“I saw today the first electoral college map that made sense to me, and it showed Trump at 326 electoral votes plus,” the former Republican presidential nominee explained, which would leave Biden with just 212 votes. “I think that is probably about right. I think the left is going to be terribly shocked.” …

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