I Wish the Impeachment Drama Was a Hallmark Christmas Movie, by Al Perrotta

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By Al Perrotta, Managing Editor, The Stream, November 7, 2019

Al PerrottaThe “last” button on the remote is wearing out. Flipping back and forth I go between coverage of the impeachment drama and whatever Hallmark Christmas movie happens to be running. Impeachment. Hallmark Christmas. Impeachment. Hallmark Christmas. Back and forth like a game of Pong. The two could not be more different. One’s a wholly fictional, entirely predictable, poorly plotted pile drivel loaded with bad actors. The other features lots of snow, Christmas trees and holiday cheer.

Hallmark’s 10th anniversary “Countdown to Christmas” began October 26. The impeachment drama began November 9, 2016. Democrats didn’t like how the 2016 election turned out. And so they have spent the three years since desperately trying to re-write the ending. (That’s as useless as wanting the cold, oblivious, business-obsessed boyfriend in the big city to get the girl over the loving local stud in flannel. Just not gonna happen.)

And it’s not enough to be whine about the ending. The Democrats have to make everyone else as miserable as well. Like hecklers at screening of A Christmas Story.

As Scrooge would say, “Bah humbug.” As every mother in a Hallmark Christmas movie will say, “Oh, dear. Warm yourself up. Help me decorate these Christmas cookies.”  …

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