Legal Abortion ‘Above My Pay Grade,’ Says Religious Sister Who Will Pray at DNC, by Kevin Jones

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August 21, 2020
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August 22, 2020

Sr. Simone Campbell. Credit: Bruce Cooper (edit) Thomas Good (photo)/wikimedia. CC BY SA 4.0

By Kevin Jones, CNA, Aug. 21, 2020

Sister Simone Campbell, who (was) set to offer a prayer at the Democratic National Convention Thursday, has declined to take a stand on the morality of abortion protections, and a CNA examination finds donors to her organization, Network Lobby, have links to pro-abortion rights advocacy.

Asked Aug. 19 whether her organization opposes the legal protection of abortion, Campbell told CNA, “That is not our issue. That is not it. It is above my pay grade.” 

“It’s not the issue that we work on. I’m a lawyer. I would have to study it more intensely than I have,” Campbell added.

Campbell, 74, is a member and past general director of the Sisters of Social Service, a Catholic religious community. She is the executive director of the Network Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, and received her law degree from the University of California-Davis School of Law in 1977.  …

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