Letter to an Anti-Trump Christian Friend, by Wayne Grudem

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August 21, 2020
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August 21, 2020

Donald Trump takes the oath of office as the President of the United States.

By Wayne Grudem, Townhall, Aug 08, 2020

Wayne Grudem, is Distinguished Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary in Arizona. The views expressed in this article represent the views of the author and should not be understood to represent the position of Phoenix Seminary.

[Note: This article is based on an actual letter. The recipient’s name and some minor details have been changed.]

Wayne Grudem Aug. 5, 2020

Dear Zachary,

Thank you for your thoughtful, honest email explaining why you felt frustration and anger about my public support of Donald Trump. I’m glad that you wrote as you did rather than leaving the matter unspoken.

Thank you also for writing, as a long-time friend, to express your concerns that my support of Trump might jeopardize the reputation that I have built as a trusted professor of theology and ethics for the last 43 years, and that my pro-Trump stance undermines the credibility of the label “evangelical,” and even of the Christian gospel itself.

I take these objections seriously. I have pondered them for several days. Please consider the following twelve points of response:

1. No consideration of policies

At the beginning of your email, you write, “This email does not concern policy.” The rest of the email concerns what you see as President Trump’s character flaws.  …

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