Louisiana Pulls $800 Million Out of BlackRock Over ‘Crippling’ Green Energy, ‘Anti-Fossil Fuel’ Agenda, by Emily Mangiaracina

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October 7, 2022
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‘I refuse to spend a penny of Treasury funds with a company that will take food off tables, money out of pockets and jobs away from hardworking Louisianans,’ state treasurer John Schroder said.

By Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSiteNews, Oct 7, 2022

(LifeSiteNews) – Louisiana is pulling $794 million in treasury funds from the asset management behemoth BlackRock over its woke “green energy” priorities.

“Your blatantly anti-fossil fuel policies would destroy Louisiana’s economy,” the state’s treasurer, John Schroder, wrote in a letter to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, the Washington Times reported.

Schroder announced Wednesday that Louisiana had already withdrawn $560 million from BlackRock and that $794 million would be removed by the end of 2022. …

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