Meet the Two Venezuelan Exiles Warning College Students Against Socialism, by Jennifer Kabbany

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January 18, 2020
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January 18, 2020

By Jennifer Kabbany, The College Fix Editor, Jan. 9, 2020

‘Venezuela: My Story … Your Future?’

When Jorge Galicia and Andrés Guilarte tell college students socialism is no utopia, they speak from experience.

The two young intellectuals were born and raised in Venezuela and over the last decade saw their country transformed into a place they barely recognize.

As exiles seeking asylum in America today, they’re telling any young person who will listen: the virus is socialism.

“No one else can know what happened in Venezuela but a Venezuelan, and we are experts on that,” said Guilarte, 25.

Galicia, 24, adds “I definitely see America committing a lot of the same mistakes Venezuela committed.”

Galicia and Guilarte are currently visiting college campuses nationwide warning young people against socialism, and told The College Fix in a joint telephone interview on Wednesday their message could not be coming at a more critical time.

“The majority of students in college say they support socialist ideas,” said Galicia, citing a recent poll which found sweeping support among young people for the system. ….

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