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While at the hospital, Father Pérez said he always introduced himself as a priest and gave absolution to the sick who requested it.

By Aci Prensa, CNA,  5/22/20

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — When Fr. Antonio Pérez Hernández was recently hospitalized with COVID-19, he said he was able to witness firsthand how God is present in the midst of suffering.

The priest shared his experience in a recent video posted by the archdiocese of Tlanepantla, Mexico, where he serves.
After Father Pérez fell sick with the virus, he was admitted to a public hospital where he shared a room with other patients, some of whom died.

“When I was in that place, there came a time when I did feel like God could call me into his presence,” he said.

“And that’s when you discover abandonment, the total abandonment of saying to the Lord: ‘Here I am, if you want to call me, I am willing; if you want to leave me, I am also willing. I only ask that you please give me the strength to give absolution and attend to my brothers who are suffering from the disease just like I am’.”  …

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