Mike Bloomberg Donated $14 Million Planned Parenthood, Would Fund Killing 23,154 Babies in Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

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February 19, 2020
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By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews, Feb. 19, 2020

WASHINGTON, DCThe abortion industry has a friend in billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

And if the former New York City mayor is elected to the White House, that relationship certainly will continue.

Bloomberg, a pro-abortion Democrat, has a long record of both public and private support of abortion on demand, including almost $14 million in donations to the abortion giant Planned Parenthood within the past several years, CBN News reports.

According to Newsbusters, the Bloomberg Family Foundation donated $13,962,000 to the abortion chain between 2014 and 2017. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion chain in America; last year, it aborted more than 345,000 unborn babies.

Bloomberg is one of the top ten richest people in America, according to the report; and his donations to abortion groups are swaying some voters. Laura Chapin, a Democrat political strategist in Colorado, told the Denver Post that she supports U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president, but she likes that Bloomberg has given so much money to Planned Parenthood. If he wins the Democratic nomination, Chapin said she would vote for him.  ….

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