Mr. Potato Head Losing His Manhood … Or Not? by Al Perrotta

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February 26, 2021
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February 27, 2021


By Al Perrotta, The Stream, Feb. 25, 2021

Major Update: Hasbro is either back-peddling faster than an all-pro cornerback or blew its announcement this morning. Hasbro is now saying that Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head will not be going anywhere. 


The spud is no longer a stud.

Mr. Potato Head is being neutered. Hasbro, the toy giant behind the classic toy, announced that come fall Mr. Potato Head will simply be a gender neutral “Potato Head.”

Hasbro says that after 70 years, Mr. Potato Head needed a “modern makeover.”

“Culture Has Evolved”

Hasbro’s senior vice president and general manager Kimberly Boyd said Thursday that kids continue to engage with the Potato Head family because it provides a canvas onto which they can project their own experiences. “The sweet spot for the toy is two to three years old,” she said. “Kids like dressing up the toy, then playing out scenarios from their life. This often takes the form of creating little potato families, because they’re learning what it means to be in a family.” …

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