I have written two previous articles here at the National Catholic Register expressing my serious concerns about the working document (instrumentum laboris) of the Amazon Synod. The first article focused on the document’s near-deification of the environment. The second article dealt with the demonization of the Western and modern world.

At this point I am laying aside my original plan for more articles. In the first place, other authors have done admirable work exposing the grave errors, and the sometimes-silly aspects of the instrumentum laboris. I have also picked up grand jury duty for 32 days, which limits my time to write.

But finally, it seems clearer to me that I should share a new concern that the near panic over “global climate change” is sure to interact with the Synod, already noted for its heavy environmental focus. It seems quite certain to me that the Synod will add to and be affected by what many regard as an excessive fervor — even an invented crisis.

Concern for the environment is part of the wise stewardship expected of Christians. Waste and pollution reduction, resource conservation, proper forest management, wise agricultural policies and so on are all good and to be encouraged. But the kind of extremism that has been growing over the years has reached a fever pitch that should alarm reasonable people. ….

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