National Archives Fires Staffer Who Demanded Students Remove Their Pro-Life Shirts, by Mary Margaret Olohan

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February 24, 2023
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By Mary Margaret Olohan, LifeNews, Feb 23, 2023

LifeNews Note: Mary Margaret Olohan writes for Daily Signal, where this article originally appeared.


Washington, DCThe National Archives says it has fired the security officer responsible for telling students that they could not wear pro-life apparel in the museum.

On Jan. 20, 2023, the day the national March for Life took place in Washington, D.C., security officers at the National Archives ordered multiple visitors to “remove their hats and cover their attire displaying pro-life messages,” according to a letter from acting Archivist Debra Steidel Wall obtained by The Daily Signal.

“This action was contrary to NARA policy,” she said. “The irony that this happened just steps away from the permanent display of the original Bill of Rights is not lost on me or any of the employees who proudly welcome more than one million annual visitors to the Museum.” …

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