Open Letter to the Bishops, by L.G. Sleiman

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November 11, 2020
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November 11, 2020

By L.G. Sleiman, Church Militant, November 10, 2020

Souls sacrificed through ‘silent complicity with the world’

The bishops of the Church today face the most difficult crisis in the entire history of the Church — a crisis greatly magnified by a series of crises layered one upon another, a crisis that manifests on every level of the Church’s existence: spiritual, ecclesiological, theological, liturgical and pastoral. But the bishops, successors of the 12 Apostles of Christ, also have great potential to transform the Church and the world.

In this letter, I propose to give a brief outline of the origin of the bishops’ Office, the range of challenges which confront the bishops, the heart of the present crisis, the spiritual danger that souls are facing, and, last but not least, the power and efficacy of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  …