Reclaiming the Forgotten Wisdom of a Bygone Era, by Anthony Esolen

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July 8, 2019
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July 8, 2019

By Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine, July 8, 2019

Anthony EsolenThese last few years, my wife and I have been restoring an old Victorian house that once was a rectory on our island in Nova Scotia, where we live in the summer. I can draw an analogy to between what we have done so far and what should be done in the Church. We might call it de-novation: the removal of worthless or banal or ugly stuff, once hailed as new, in order to reveal de novo the good things that have been hidden or forgotten. So when we tore out the old linoleum and plywood, we found, lying beneath, original maple floors, laid in strips to make parquet patters of squares and diamonds. Beauty, buried.

The last dweller in the rectory was a dear friend, Father J. J. MacDonald. He was one of the chief players in the credit union movement in Canada; a founder of the local hospital and of our island’s television station dedicated to local affairs; a Scot who taught himself to speak French with ease; a farmer from youth and by avocation; a liberal in politics when that did not imply Moloch or Sodom; a faithful son of the Church.

When he left the rectory, he let the parish sell most of the things he owned. ….Read the entire article…