Resist the ‘Climate Change’ Power Grab, by Laura Hollis

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January 23, 2023
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January 23, 2023

By Laura Hollis, Patriot Post, Jan. 20, 2023

Politicized science coupled with propaganda is a recipe for disaster.

The World Economic Forum insect overlords have convened in Davos, Switzerland for their annual confab this week, and once again, their focus is “crisis.”

Everything is a “crisis” for the WEF and their minions seeded throughout the world’s governments and corporate leaders, and those crises are always “unprecedented.” But this year, they’re trying to foment even more global panic; they’ve declared 2023 to be the “year of the ‘polycrisis.’” In other words, multiple crises at the same time. (Which is the same thing they’ve been saying for years, but with a new, scary epithet attached to it.)

Also consistent with their previous messaging is that those in power need much “more” to accomplish their goals. More power, more government and corporate control, and much more money. Former Secretary of State John Kerry gave a speech in Davos on Tuesday in which he warned that “saving the planet” will take “money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money.” …

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