Rev. Michael P. Orsi: Abortion, Genocide, Unjust Imprisonment…It All Comes Back to One Amendment

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May 5, 2022
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May 5, 2022

By Rev. Michael P. Orsi, CNSNews, May 4, 2022

A priest of the Diocese of Camden, New Jersey, Rev. Michael P. Orsi currently serves as parochial vicar at St. Agnes Parish in Naples, Florida. He is host of “Action for Life TV,” a weekly cable television series devoted to pro-life issues, and his writings appear in numerous publications and online journals. His TV show episodes can be viewed online here.


There are times in history when events coalesce to create moments of great national importance. I think we’re at such a moment.

Three significant developments have occurred within the course of days:

First, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk purchased the online messaging platform, Twitter, with the intention of taking it private and restoring the free-speech character it abandoned in favor of ideology-based news manipulation. …

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