Save the Family, Save the World, by Fr. Ed Broom

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March 2, 2021
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March 2, 2021

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By Fr. Ed Broom, OMV, Catholic Culture, March 2, 2021

Father Ed Broom is an Oblate of the Virgin Mary and the author of Total Consecration Through the Mysteries of the Rosary and From Humdrum to Holy. He blogs regularly at Fr. Broom’s Blog.

The Domestic Church, the basic cell of society, the first institution ordained and created by Godthese are different names describing the same reality: The Family! Pope Saint John Paul II asserted that the way the family goes is the way the world goes.

We must pray for the grace to be able to read history related to the family and world civilizations. Time and time again, it has been proven that once a society allows the family to enter crisis and unravel at its seams, then it is simply a matter of time until such a society or civilization collapses and crashes!

The human family, made up of both father and mother, is the basic ground of individuals. God wills that children be born into a family. God wills that children be loved in a family. Thus God wills that both father and mother be the instruments by which their children grow and mature into the person they are called to become: a dignified and useful citizen of society and a future citizen of heaven.  …

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