Socialism 101: Myths and Realities, by Rob Bluey, Virginia Allen

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By Rob Bluey, Virginia Allen, The Daily Signal,

Young people across America are increasingly embracing socialism. A cloud of misinformation has led many Americans to think socialism is something it is not—a good system of government.

The Daily Signal recently interviewed Chris Wright, founder and president of the Anticommunism Action Team, to debunk the myths about socialism. The full audio is below along with a lightly edited transcript.

Rob Bluey: Chris, you joined us a few weeks ago, along with Jennifer Zeng and Darian Diachok, and we discussed their personal stories about growing up under communist and socialist regimes and their own experiences. It was truly captivating to hear their personal stories. But we wanted to have you back to talk more about the work that you’re doing, specifically the Anticommunism Action Team. Can you tell us about the organization, why you founded it and what it is you do?

Chris Wright: In 2013, my Alexandria Tea Party had a big program and we had survivors of communism from various countries, along with Dr. Lee Edwards from The Heritage Foundation. [We] had a couple hundred people in attendance and from there, I went on to found the Anticommunism Action Team in 2014 to formalize the activity. ….