The Department of Injustice, by Michael Warsaw

A ‘Hostile Takeover’ of Catholicism? by Phil Lawler
October 14, 2022
The Church’s Silence is Hurting Young People, by Michael Brown
October 15, 2022

Mark Houck surrounded by his children at home. (photo: Courtesy photo / Houck Family)

A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: Recent dramatic arrests of pro-life activists beg scrutiny over the political biases at work as more than a 100 violent acts against churches and pro-life facilities have seemingly escaped federal attention.

Michael WarsawFor nearly two years, the Biden administration has put on full display its lamentable disregard for the sanctity of human life, human sexuality and religious freedom. One of the most disturbing examples has been the apparent recent weaponization of the Department of Justice in support of the administration’s pro-abortion agenda.

This misdirection of justice began to take shape soon after President Joe Biden took office, when the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Texas to stop that state’s law regulating abortions after an unborn child’s heartbeat is detected. The political weaponization became unmistakably evident in the wake of the June 24 release of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision overturning the so-called constitutional right to abortion that arose from the court’s earlier and profoundly flawed Roe v. Wade decision.  …

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