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December 6, 2018
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Paul R. Ehrlich in 2008

Our eternal home is in heaven and it is not over-populated

By Patti Armstrong, National Catholic Register, 12/5/18

Patti ArmstrongWhile groups gather at grocery stores to hold chicken funerals and airlift carnivorous lobsters to Maine (you know I’m not kidding, right?) population growth for humans—aka the ones with souls — has taken a nosedive.

A study on trends in every country from 1950 to 2017 was released in The Lancet medical journal, showing the world average of 4.7 children per woman dropped to 2.4 in 2017. Look here to see the rate in each country. The U.S. shows up as North America and we have dropped below replacement.

Some think it’s good to clear out the clutter. Wrong. More than two dozen European nations are now at the “lowest-low,” 1.3 births per woman. This is the rate-of-no-return number, from which, according to demographers, no human society has ever recovered. Yikes for the old folks depending on youth to support them and keep the wheels of society and their wheelchairs turning.

In Special report: The Aging, Childless Future, an interactive graph reveals disturbing projections for the rate of babies per woman from 1950 to 2100. Yet still, for some insane reason, the shrill anti-population cry rings out. How many of their scare-bubbles have to burst before they’re slapped into reality? Does The Population Bomb of 1968 sound familiar? The author, Paul Ehrlich turned out to be totally wrong, yet he got on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show twenty times warning that very soon, the earth could not sustain itself.

Whose Fault?

Who is driving the overpopulation mongers? The short answer is the devil. He hates people, loves destroying new ones through abortion, and delights in stopping souls from being created at all. If you have been influenced by any of his campaign promotions—#ShoutYourAbortion is his latest—go to confession, then pray for God to guide your future opinions.

Since the devil is not appearing as himself, who does his bidding? Some of the bankrollers are the self-styled ruling crowd: Microsoft founder Bill Gates, media mogul Ted Turner, David Rockefeller Jr., and the all-things-extreme liberal financiers George Soros and Warren Buffet, for starters. Despite their wealth and influence, their worst fear seems to be people.

The anti-people people operate under the guise of helping world poverty and the latest, stopping the climate from changing. Condoms are their calling cards and abortions their mission as if ending and preventing the creation of souls will improve the world.

While anything not human has taken on exaggerated importance, new people are no longer welcome. Some will argue that the goal is “fewer” people, not “none,” but when you get into negative numbers, “none” is a generous description.

Reasons and Ways to Buck the Trend

  • Babies are adorable. If you are pregnant and not married, still have those babies. They are children of God and so are you. Yes, babies grow out of cuteness, but they also make you more loving and holy if you so choose.

  •  Put God at the center of your life for a better one. Adoration does wonders in this regard.

  • Seek out inspiring examples. When my co-author Theresa Thomas and I were asked to write Big Hearted: Inspiring Stories from Everyday Families, the idea was to inspire hearts to be open to the blessing of family life through glimpses of what that can look like.

  • Don’t be overwhelmed. You can’t single-handedly populate the world. Just open your own life to God’s blessings.

  • Be a witness. If you are past childbearing age, express joy that you had children or share with others that you regret having fallen prey to anti-baby scares. Testimonies are powerful.

  • Learn about Natural Family Planning and throw out the contraception which, in some cases, leads to infertility — and ironically, a low libido. When Pope St. Paul VI wrote his encyclical Humanae Vitae on July 25, 1968, he neither claimed to be a prophet or saint. Time has proven him to be both. His predictions of what marriage and society would suffer if the use of contraception became widespread has come to pass.

  • Don’t let money be your guide. Read this story about a one-income family of 15 (until age 40, the father never made more than $50,000) debt-free, their house is paid off and all their kids go to college—some have masters and one is working on a doctorate.

  • Get informed. Here is a 90-second video and also an hour-long one explaining why there is no overpopulation problem.

  • Our eternal home is in heaven and it is not over-populated.

  • If the Earth cannot hold us, that would mean that God messed up. That can’t be.

  • The only thing you can take with you to heaven are your children.

  • Late-night talk show guests are not prophets. Get your inspiration from the Bible and news from people who love God and are prolife.

Patti Armstrong is an award-winning author and was the managing editor and co-author of Ascension Press’ bestselling Amazing Grace series. Her latest books are: Big Hearted: Inspiring Stories From Everyday Families and Dear God, You Can’t Be Serious. She has a B.A. in social work and an M.A. in public administration and worked in both those fields before staying home to work as a freelance writer. Patti and her husband live in North Dakota, where they are still raising the tail end of their 10 children.