The Facts of Life: Truth, by F.X. Cronin

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August 31, 2020
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August 31, 2020

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By F.X. Cronin, Catholic Exchange, August 28, 2020

Mr. Cronin has studied on a graduate level in education at Harvard University and at the University of Connecticut, in leadership at Columbia University and in theology at Regent University and Holy Apostles College and Seminary.  …

F.X. CroninThere is hardly a more provocative word in our modern era than the word “truth.”  The very idea of “truth,” objective “truth,” actual and factual “truth” nowadays is strictly the province of narrow minds, archaic and uninformed minds, ignorant and illegitimate minds, at least according to the modern paradigm for discovering truth.

For assertions of “truth” are no longer occasions for serious discussion and rational debate.  Now, regardless of your personal intent, your sincere and respectful tone or even the benign nature of your particular assertion of truth, such assertions of truth inevitably convey a deliberate sense of arrogance, a strong sense of bigotry, a veiled sense of oppression and judgement, and even a subtle sense of stupidity.    

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