BLM Hijacks MLK’s Dream, by Thomas Gallatin

The Facts of Life: Truth, by F.X. Cronin
August 31, 2020
Dr. Fauci’s Hydroxychloroquine Denial, by Mikko Paunio
August 31, 2020

Al Sharpton keeps feeding the racial-grievance culture, which wasn’t King’s goal.

By Thomas Gallatin, The Patriot Post, 

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial 57 years ago Friday, Martin Luther King Jr. famously gave his “I Have a Dream” speech. Seeking to exploit and co-opt that momentous event in the history of the civil rights movement, the infamous race hustler Al Sharpton, along with members of his leftist National Action Network, organized a rally of Marxist Black Lives Matter1 activists entitled, “Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks.”

“We don’t just want this to be a summer of discontent,” Sharpton explained. “We want to do as they did 57 years ago, to come to the national government and say we need legislation.” The legislation Sharpton references is the Democrats’ George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which removes protections from police officers, making it easier for them to be prosecuted. Sharpton and the rest also want an update to the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which the Left says the Supreme Court “gutted” in 2013.  ….

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