The Idols in the Tiber, Following Vatican’s Neo-Pagan Amazon Synod, by John Zmirak

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October 24, 2019
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St. Boniface, apostle to the Germans, cuts down the pagans' "sacred oak."

The Vatican’s neo-pagan Amazon synod loses some wooden fetishes to angry Catholic laymen.

By John Zmirak, a Senior Editor, The Stream, October 23, 2019

Events around the world in recent years have followed a pattern. They seem like the plot of multiple bad end times sci-fi stories, all mashed together in one horrific, implausible mess. I’ve called this principle the Gunshow Apocalyptic Novel Insanity co-efficient.

But when we look at the Catholic Church, this above isn’t quite accurate. In fact, events in my church echo quite a good apocalyptic novel. The Lord of the World, by Robert Hugh Benson, depicts an end-times scenario. In it, a global leader rises promising peace. And coexistence among religions. The sustainable development of natural resources. And above all, humanitarian progress. Secular elites, media, institutions, and globalist power brokers? They love him to death.

The only fly in his ointment? Pesky orthodox Christians of every church. They won’t join his “Religion of Man” which venerates creation instead of the Creator. Did I mention that Pope Francis has called this his favorite novel? Too bad he seems to have mistaken the villain for a role model.

A Pagan Pretext to Create a Post-Christian Church

It’s hard otherwise to understand recent events at the Vatican. The ongoing Amazon Synod cites the total failure of Catholics to evangelize small, hunter-gatherer tribes in the jungle. Then it uses that as a pretext for massive “reforms” in the Church. The whole exercise was orchestrated by liberal German bishops. They bring some expertise: They have likewise failed to evangelize their own pagan masses. ….