The USCCB’s Shell Game, by Rodney Pelletier

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February 11, 2020
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By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant, February 10, 2020

Moving the money around

The Church Militant panel explains more about the corruption on today’s episode of The Download—The USCCB’s Shell Game.

The U.S. bishops have cost faithful Catholics nearly $4 billion in sex abuse payouts — money Catholics thought were funding charities, seminaries and parishes. But now that the homosexual cleric abuse epidemic has been exposed, bishops continue to ask for more money and shelter diocesan assets.

Bishop Michael Bransfield, head of the diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia from 2005–2018, stole millions from the coffers of one of the poorest dioceses in the United States. He has a nearly 14-year track record of frivolous and wasteful spending, blowing millions to live a luxurious lifestyle while lay Catholics in the diocese struggled.

While he had a personal chef and chauffeur, he spent $100 a day on flowers and his monthly booze bill exceeded $1,000. He also gave hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash gifts to his priest-friends — none of which came from his own personal bank account.

His travel bill exceeded $2.4 million and he used the occasion of a bathroom fire as an opportunity to renovate his dwellings from top to bottom for $4.6 million. …

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