True Nationalism, Authentic Patriotism, and the Postliberal Future, by Jerry Salyer

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April 12, 2023
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April 12, 2023

Patrick J. Deneen’s Regime Change is an important corrective to conservative talking-heads and institutions which promote “patriotism”—that is, nationalist devotion to democratic ideology—over and against actual patriotism toward the particular places, peoples, and cultures which compose America.

By Jerry Salyer, Catholic World Report, April 10, 2023

Catholic convert Jerry Salyer is a philosophy instructor and freelance writer.

Regime Change: Toward A Postliberal Future, Patrick Deneen
Penguin Random House: Sentinel, June 2023, Hardcover, 237 pages


Like so many words, the term nationalism requires qualification. To the naive, it may signify neither more nor less than a sense of national identity, or resistance to globalization. Yet in truth one hardly need be a nationalist to appreciate America’s cultural heritage, or to reject the open borders schemes of the World Economic Forum. As Patrick Deneen observes in Regime Change: Toward A Postliberal Future, nationalism originally referred to a specific 19th-century revolutionary movement, which marginalized commitments to all associations except for the liberal nation-state. …

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