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By Fred Lucas, Daily Signal,

President Donald Trump reminisced Wednesday about the 2016 campaign, when not every conservative trusted him to name Supreme Court justices and other federal judges.

“People knew me very well, but they didn’t know, ‘Is he liberal, conservative? Who are your judges?” Trump recalled in the White House East Room, celebrating his success in appointing  judges.

“I did come up with an idea to pick 20 or 25 people [for a list of potential court nominees]. I would put great people on [the court]. I went with this list,” Trump said. “At first I said: ‘I will take this list and I will pick people that are like these people.’”

“And I got nowhere,” he recalled. “Nobody believed me. ‘What does that mean?’ I was being hammered. I said, ‘OK. It will only be these people.’ And that’s what we’ve had.”

Trump so far has appointed 157 judges who have won Senate confirmation, and that is expected to be 161 by the end of the week.

At this point in his presidency, Barack Obama had named 103 judges successfully, according to The Heritage Foundation’s Judicial Appointment Tracker.

Trump said that in the next two months, he will have appointed a total of 182 confirmed judges. ….


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