Tucker Carlson Indicates He Was Fired for Exposing Corruption of ‘Liars’, by Patrick Delaney

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April 29, 2023
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April 29, 2023

Tucker Carlson. YouTube. Screenshot

‘How is it going to end for me?’ Carlson asked with roaring laughter. ‘Well, you think I don’t know? I know! And it is going to end for all of us that way!’

By Patrick Delaney, LifeSiteNews, April 28, 2023

(LifeSiteNews) – Speaking publicly for the first time since his seismic firing by Fox News, Tucker Carlson indicated in a Wednesday night video release that he was indeed dismissed for presenting on “the undeniably big topics, the ones that will define our future,” which — through corporate collusion with both political parties and their donors — “are not permitted in the American media.”

When such important debates are presented, as on “war, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power, [and] natural resources,” these “people in charge” become “hysterical and aggressive,” abandoning persuasion and “resorting to force,” said Carlson, who hosted the highest-rated cable news show in history. …

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