Vax Deaths Increase… So Let’s Put It in the Food?!? by Tom Renz

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April 24, 2023
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April 24, 2023


By Tom Renz, Esq., America Out Loud Truth, April 21, 2023

Tom Renz is a small-town lawyer that has created a platform base on an unquenchable thirst for justice. His background is as varied as his work. He has dabbled in the arts, spent years training martial arts, is a lawyer, writer, consultant, and businessman. Most importantly, he is a dad, husband, and follower of Christ… The Tom Renz Show on America Out Loud Talk Radio can be heard weekdays at 6 pm ET.  ….


Tom Renz, Esq.

Actor Jamie Foxx has suffered a “medical complication.” Earlier reports called it a stroke, which was then retracted to “medical complication.” I’m happy to hear today that he’s healing from his mysterious complication, and I pray for Jamie and his family and hope he is back to 100% very soon.

However, the manner in which the mainstream media is reporting these mysterious medical complications leaves nothing but questions and only confirms an obvious attempt to hide the truth. I don’t know what’s true here; all I know is medical complications are awfully suspicious. Jamie and his family should let us know if he was jabbed, just like Damar Hamlin’s family should have. Why would you hide the truth?

If we have any chance to understand what’s going on with these vaccine injuries and researching ways to prevent them, it’s in knowing the cause and effect. Like I frequently say, you don’t have to hide if you have nothing to hide. Vaccine injuries are skyrocketing, and it’s now confirmed they’ve caused a 20% increase in deaths, all for a disease that doesn’t matter (substantially less mortality rate than the seasonal flu). Furthermore, we are now seeing scientific research that shows mRNA, gene modifying vaccines will cause death and disease to people for decades. …

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