Was Trump Trolling With Suggestion Election Be Delayed? Did TDS Media Do His Bidding? by Al Perrotta

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July 31, 2020
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July 31, 2020

Official White House Photo/Shealah Craighead President Donald J. Trump attends the opening day of little league with Mariano Rivera Thursday, July 23, 2020, on the South Lawn of the White House.

By Al Perrotta, The Stream, July 31, 2020 

Al is the managing editor of The Stream.  …

Al PerrottaOnce again the media and political class are in an uproar over a tweet from President Trump. Early Thursday, while blasting the Democrat’s fraud-friendly scheme to employ mass mailings of 2020 ballots, Trump wondered whether perhaps the November election should be delayed.

The hysteria was immediate: Outrageous! Only Congress can change the date! (Trump didn’t suggest otherwise.) Trump knows he’s going to lose! (As if the guy you keep calling an egomaniac thinks he could lose to the shell formerly known as Joe Biden.) 

Now, you’d think after four years, the TDS media and Swamp-nosticators would have learned their lesson by now. If Trump tweets something that is causing a hyperventilated reaction, you must ask, “Is he trolling? By reacting instinctively and hysterically, am I, in fact, doing exactly what he wants?”   ….