WATCH! Sen. Ron Johnson: Covid-19 Was “Preplanned By An Elite Group Of People,” “Planned For Our Loss Of Freedom”, by Tim Hains

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August 12, 2023
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August 12, 2023

By Tim Hains, RealClearPolitics, August 11, 2023

Sen. Ron Johnson articulated the belief that the Covid-19 pandemic was “preplanned by an elite group of people… for our loss of freedom” during an appearance Friday morning with FBN’s Maria Bartiromo.

Johnson cited “Event 201,” a pandemic preparedness event hosted in 2019 by the World Health Organization, Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University that has been repeatedly cited by conspiracy theorists as a “practice run” for Covid-19.

SEN. RON JOHNSON: You know doctors I have been dealing with talking to for years now. They may believe, probably hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their lives because they were denied early treatment because the FSA sabotaged Ivermectin and said, “Come on you’re now a cow, you’re not a horse.” This was supposedly horse medicine. No, it was a Nobel prize-winning medicine that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. It did save many, many lives because people did have doctors with courage to, and the compassion to actually treat patients using it, putting at risk their medical licenses. ….

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