Why Do Catholics Choose A Saint’s Name At Baptism? by Ashley Osmera

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Catholic World Report

By Ashley Osmera, Get Fed, Jan 08, 2018

Ashley grew up in Charlotte, NC and found her way back there in adulthood. She graduated from Belmont Abbey College with a degree in Psychology, and hopes to pursue a degree in Counseling at the graduate level. Ashley enjoys reading, being outdoors, and all of the fine arts, including writing, art, theatre, ballroom dance, and music. Her favorite devotion is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and she also has a newfound love for St. John Paul II and Mary Undoer of Knots. Ashley has written digital content for a variety of religious and secular institutions.

Ashley Osmera

Candles are lit, the petite white gown has been donned by a squirming infant, and now the celebrant turns to the parents holding the child and solemnly asks:

“What name do you give your child?”

In reply, you might hear:

Ashley Elizabeth…

David Joseph…

Mary Joy…

Justin Michael…

There’s nothing that says “Catholic” quite like the names of saints and angels, biblical figures, or Christian feasts and virtues during the Catholic Rite of Baptism!

Catholic World Report

Early Christianity and Baptismal Names

The Catholic tradition of naming a child after a saint is not new. It is an ancient tradition that carries much significance, and rightly so! In the 4th century, St. John Chrysostom strongly encouraged parents to choose for their children names of holy men and women known for their strength and virtue, in order that the children might look to them as role models.

Even earlier, St. Dionysius of Alexandria (c. 260) observed, “There are many of the same name as the Apostle John, who on account of their love for him, and because they admired and emulated him, and desired to be loved by the Lord as he was, took to themselves the same name, just as many of the children of the faithful are called Paul or Peter.”  ….

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