Why Ireland Snubbed St. John Henry Newman, by John P. McCarthy 

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November 1, 2019
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By John P. McCarthy , Crisis Magazine, November 1, 2019

John P. McCarthyIreland, particularly its government, is now in the strange position of being simultaneously hostile and indifferent to Catholicism.

An indication of the seemingly indifferent attitude toward the Catholic Church by Irish officialdom occurred in connection with the recent canonization of John Henry Cardinal Newman. Newman was the founding rector (or president) of University College Dublin. Yet the University had not initially planned to send a representative to Rome for his October 10th canonization, nor had the Irish government. Ultimately, critical expressions of outrage had some effect: UCD did send a vice president, and the Minister for Education, as well as the Irish Ambassador to the Holy See, also attended.

Significantly, Prince Charles was in Rome for the canonization, as were members of the Anglican hierarchy. Naturally, many English and Irish Catholic bishops also attended, as well as a delegation linked to UCD. ….

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