Why Mothers Now Weep for Their Children, by John Horvat II

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By John Horvat II, CNSNews, February 10, 2020

From an economic point of view, the state of the nation could not be better, we are told. Unemployment is down to levels rarely seen before. Inflation is minimal. The stock market has reached record highs. Everything is in place for us to be happy.

However, I am sure many join me in sensing that something is profoundly wrong in America. It’s something that money cannot resolve. No amount of jobs can fix this affliction. No economic boom cannot penetrate the loneliness and sadness of our society in decline.

A Desire to Corrupt

I received an email recently that brought home the extent of the tragedy for which I grieve. It touched me to the very depth of my soul. It was from a mother commenting on the half-time show at the 2020 Super Bowl. The nation’s most-watched event featured an extravaganza of lewd dancing, scanty clothing and sexualized moves never seen before. It was much worse than past outrages.

In this display, we sense a desire to corrupt. There can be no other explanation. Everyone knows that millions of young children, teenagers and youth watch the game and the show. Most of those watching profess religious beliefs contrary to the immoral performance. Many adults could not hold back their disgust at seeing this family event turned into a shameless spectacle of impurity. I initiated an online protest so that people’s outraged voices could be heard.

In another email, a mother said that, upon seeing part of the show, “I sat on my couch and wept as I am trying to raise four kids in this culture. Thank you for speaking out.”  Her message was echoed by many others who were shocked by the “pornographic” display so contrary to “purity, chastity and modesty.”  ….

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